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Revenue Cases

Advice on all land revenue matters by Advocate Narendra Parmar Revenue Lawyer Ahmedabad.Online drafting of all documents, petitions, representations related to land revenue laws by expert land revenue lawyer Narendra Parmar , Ahmedabad. 

Handling all land revenue litigation matters before :

  •    Revenue Assistants
  •    Land revenue courts
  •    Appellate tribunals and courts
  •    Financial Commissioner’s courts
  •    Revenue Boards
  •    High Courts
  •    Supreme Court
Expert and highly qualified Land Revenue Lawyer Narendra Parmar , Ahmedabad for the services of :
  •    Mutation of land
  •    Challenge to acquisition of land
  •    Challenge to Award of land acquisition
  •    Change of land use matters (CLU)
  •    Challenge to notifications of acquisition of land
  •    Services for de-notification of land
Legal advice, legal services and litigation services by Land Revenue Lawyer Narendra Parmar, Ahmedabad for :
  •    Partition matters in land revenue
  •    Demarcation of land
  •    Litigation services for partition of family lands
  •    Expert Land Revenue Lawyer for:
  •    Legal documentation related to land revenue
  •    Due diligence to verify the land title, possession, land use
  •    Due diligence for zonal plan verification, legal compliance verification

Land revenue is a state subject hence the entire legislation regulating the controlling land revenue laws in India is enacted and regulated by the respective states. The Land Acquisition Act 1895 being the earlier legislation regarding the acquisition of land in India is a central legislation which controls and regulates the matters related to land acquisition.The land revenue laws in India mainly regulate and control the following important aspects:

  •    Land use aspects such as agricultural, non agricultural, barren, pastures and other types
  •    Land ownership by individuals
  •    Land ownership by communities
  •    Land ownership by institutions
  •    Land holdings by Government, local self government
  •    Method of partition of land holdings
  •    Maintenance of land records
  •    Acquisition of land
  •    Mutations
  •    Change of land use
  •    Zoning of lands
  •    Local laws regulating land affairs
  •    Tenancy rights of land